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Naked Trading, Signal, 3 Feb 2011 – EURUSD February 3, 2012

Posted by Musa in : Journal, Signal , trackback

Let’s take a look at EURUSD H4 today in Europe session:

Last few days, it showed that the price tried to break the last high and it was failed. It retested several times but it was failed. And now it retest again to break the last previous high. Can it goes up further?

We have two scenario. First, if it cannot leave those upper down-trend line, it is possible that those spot become the resistance. But, if it can break the last high, it may lead to go up. So?

Wanna try? 🙂


Yups, our prediction was right. Now, how long it will be? Or how deep? Or how much the target?

There are several next scenario. First, it may goes down until the lower down-trend. If we use this scenario, to anticipate the reversal, we can make a profit lock. So the SL is set bellow the open line. Second, we can using fibo point. Third, we can use candle pattern signal for close.

But for now, I prefer to chose using fibo with profit lock. And I set the TP above 61.8, and SL below the the open line:

So, whatever the price goes up or goes down, no problem. For sure, TP or SL, we get profit… 😀

Close MT4 and enjoy the world… B-)


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