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Naked Trading Jan 17, 2012 – Asia session January 17, 2012

Posted by Musa in : Journal , trackback

As I wrote before, EU seems try to goes up to trend line. Confirmed one candle and I enter long position. I put the target point on the last low point and stop loss point on the previous low:

After one ours, it seems in EU H1 formed doji candle. It’s mean that at that point is possible to become the resistance or turning point. So I close my long order:

Can u see that? If that too small, you can click on the image to enlarge. In that picture showed that formed doji candle. So, it is time to close and I got 20 pips.

Next is still wait and see. Waiting for a good reason to enter short order (sell). If that break the last candle low, it’s possible to enter sell. But, if that break the last high, I don’t think that will directly go up further, because doji candle has been formed. But it is still possible, because still far from the trend line. So, just wait…

What about GU? GU seems break the trend line and it highly possible that the price will goes up further.

But why I’m not enter long for it? Because at smaller time frame, it’s formed doji candle:

I will put long order if the price breah the high of doji.

But finally it’s break the previous high candle. So, I put long for it:

My target point just 10 pips. And for the stop loss point is the previous low. But beware with reversal pattern. Because in H1 is possible to become breakaway pattern. If it is happen, it can become resistance and get ready for open sell for it.


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