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Naked Trading Jan 16, 2012 – US January 16, 2012

Posted by Musa in : Journal , trackback

After a narrow move in Europe session, EURUSD and GBPUSD at least have more power to move. Although it still powerless than usual. As we know, today US bank is in holiday. So USD have no power against the other pair mates.

Previously, I catch an early signal of double top. As usual, it is a signal for reversal. Then I enter for it! But, I’m forget that today there was no trend, so there was no reversal. Immediately I closed for it. I cut the floating on minus 16 pips, half than usual SL. 🙁

And after that, on EURUSD formed a triangle pattern:

Where is the break will go tonight? Let’s see…

Finally, the break is goes UP. I just enter long order: How’s the result, let market answer it. Close MT4 and let’s sleep…